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Brief Info

1. Education:

- Economic Bachelor - Academy of Finance (Vietnam) - Major in Finance and Banking;
- Bachelor of Law - Hanoi National University (Vietnam) - Law Major- Professional Lawyer Training - Judicial Academy
- International Legal English Certificate (ILEC - Advanced) - Training Center of International Commercial Lawyer (Vietnam);
- Many training courses on: (i) negotiating, drafting, and executing Contracts, (ii) Secretary Skills, (iii) Documentary Drafting Skills, (iv) Non-life insurance training course, (v) Other short-term courses.

2. Experience:

- 5 years of experience in non-life insurance field at the positions of: Leader’s Representative for Quality Management, and Surveyor;
- 5 years of experience in non-life insurance field at the positions of Legal Executive cum Director Assistant;
- 3 years of experience in working as a Legal Consultant for a local Law Firm;
- 1 year of experience in working as a Head of Legal Section for a foreign company in Vietnam.

3. List of significant cases (Since confidential purpose, names of clients will not be mentioned)

- Completing a M&A transaction between a foreign investor and a local entity, including: make Legal Due Diligence processing and report, negotiate and draft Share Purchase Agreement (SPA), Side Letter and finalize the transaction;
- Advise for a foreign investment fund invests into Vietnam in casino and resort industry by purchasing a part of project;
- Take part in a dispute settling in guarantee contract related to a commercial bank;
- Giving legal opinion on the compliance with the laws of a B-T (Build-Transfer) project in Hanoi;
- Reviewing a Hotel Management Contract for a reputable Group in hospitality field;
- Advising a foreign company in registration foreign loan with State Bank of Vietnam to re-structure the internal loan in that such Group;
- Advising a foreign credit institution who intends to invest into Vietnam on relevant issues, such as: permit, establishment, taxation…
- Advising and conducting relevant procedures to establish, amend and dissolute many foreign and local companies;
- Consecutively advise legal issues for local and foreign individuals and entities under adhoc cases and Retainer Agreement basis.

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